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Sue K., Washington, DC, 6/28/2014

“I was in the process of buying my first home when a couple days before signing, I was met with a few surprises and wasn't sure if I wanted to go through with the closing at all. I was in over my head and with very little time left before I had to sign my life away, so I got in touch with Roxan.

She responded to my message very promptly, and once I decided to go ahead and use her services, I didn't look back. Roxan was extremely responsive and made herself available whenever I had questions or issues, and walked me through the entire process. Having the firepower of an attorney like her dramatically changed the dynamic of the situation, and I definitely felt that my interests were now being properly represented and protected.

My situation was resolved in a manner that I'm pleased with, and under circumstances that were better than I could have anticipated. I credit Roxan with helping make that possible and for providing me with peace of mind during a process that was stressful, alien to me, and could have proven to be even costlier than necessary. Strongly recommended!”


Misrak B., Silver Spring, MD, 2/11/2012

“RA Kerr Law handled my husband's bankruptcy and we were very pleased with the service and the outcome. Although there were a few bumps in the road, which I must admit were created by my husband, our lawyer was very professional and guided us and the case in such a way that we had no worries in the end. We highly recommend this firm for anyone who wants to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.”


Bernadette T., Fairfax, VA., 10/19/2011

“I was referred to RA Kerr by a very reputable individual. The firm was very professional, conducted necessary research and reviewed regulations associated with the case. The firm also stayed on top of dates and forwarded appropriate notifications in a timely manner. I was always kept informed with the status of the case and was extremely satisfied with the firm.”