Roxan A. Kerr
RA Kerr

"When I started RA Kerr Law in 2009, Americans were trying to navigate themselves through an America with unprecedented job losses, housing foreclosure and depreciation, falling stock prices, and banks refusing to make necessary loans. Today, although we are rebounding, we are still not there yet. It is more important than ever for Americans to make good decisions regarding their money. From buying the right house to starting a business, doing your due diligence is mandatory. However, even when you have done the research and crossed every “t” and dotted every “i”, you can still undoubtedly find yourself in need of legal counsel. RA Kerr Law is here to assist you in solving those home purchase problems that may arise or untangling the business quagmire in which you now find yourself. We promise to give your case the type of attention it needs and never leave you in the dark.

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The Law Offices of RA Kerr, PPLC is founded on the principles of SERVICE, STRENGTH, and SOLUTION.


The firm is deeply rooted in the clear understanding that the way to obtaining and maintaining clients is through top notch SERVICE, i.e., listening carefully to client needs; presentation of legal expertise and strengths; clear and honest discussion of client options; follow through with agreed upon legal solution; and prompt, respectful communication with clients regarding status of case. SERVICE resonates not only in our commitment to our clients who have the resources to pay for legal services, but also in our dedication to those underserved members of the community at large who have little to no resources to pay for legal assistance and even more limited access to the court system. Regardless of your station in life or financial capabilities, your needs are treated with the same high level of attention, respect, and expertise.


If Service is the foundation of RA Kerr Law, then STRENGTH or legal expertise is its backbone. Good intentions are never enough and service without know-how will never meet the legal needs of clients. RA Kerr Law prides itself on attracting lawyers with strong academic credentials, strong work ethics, and a strong desire to master new legal techniques, strategies, and theories in order to remain the most prepared lawyer in the room. The managing principal of RA Kerr Law, who is equipped with techniques, strategies, and skills learned while serving as an associate in a top U.S law firm, is committed to the belief that each client should receive the highest level of expertise that each lawyer at RA Kerr Law has to give.


Some may believe that there is more than one SOLUTION to a legal problem. However, at RA Kerr Law, we believe that, although there may be a variety of good options, there is only one optimal SOLUTION. That SOLUTION comes from an analysis of each viable option in conjunction with the client's needs, desires, and risk tolerance. Once we do that analysis, the optimal SOLUTION – the one that works best for that client at that time in that legal scenario – becomes apparent. Once we find the optimal SOLUTION, however, RA Kerr Law does not remain static. Throughout the course of representation, RA Kerr Law continues to analyze and assess the legal situation and remains ready to adjust the SOLUTION as the legal scenario and the client’s needs change.